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You know your phone has this option, but you don't know how to make an anonymous call. Don't panic, it exists on the vast majority of Android smartphones an anonymous call feature.

We will try to explain to you how to make a private call on your android phone.

Logically, there are different brands, and different versions of Android.

We will, in this article, try to cover as many possibilities as possible so that you find how to hide your call on your phone.

Make a private call on Android phone

So here's how to hide your number, depending on the brand or version of Android you have. Be careful, however, the country you are calling from may change the handling. in fact, there are different codes to apply depending on the country of call.

Hide your call number from France

Regardless of all these settings, there is one method that works on all Android phones. If you dial the number you want to call, preceded by the command # 31 #, this call will be hidden.

So if I want to call 06 00 00 00 00 privately, just dial # 31 #06 00 00 00 on his phone.

it allows you to temporarily hide your number during a call. You'll have to repeat the operation every time you see you want to call privately.

Again, be careful, this procedure may not work if you are on a phone other than French. For hide a phone number from another country, here are other alternatives:

Hide your phone number from a country other than France

If hiding your call number is really important, test it before making your actual call. first call someone who doesn't mind giving your number.

Here is the list of codes to place before the number you want to call privately :

  • United States : * 67. Works with all telephone providers except AT&T. In this case, dial 31 #.
  • New Zealand : * 67. Works for Vodafone phones.
  • Australia, Albania, Argentina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland : 31 #.
  • United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland : 141.

However, if you wish constantly hide your number, without having to do this little manipulation, here's how.

How to hide your number permanently

As explained above, there is different way to do, depending on the brand and version of Android you own.

In general, this parameter will be accessible from the call settings of your phone. So you have to look for the call app side.

  • Open the calling app you are using
  • Tap 3 small dots top right, or Plus

From there you have the call options from your phone.

In these settings you have the options depending on the sim card of your phone. Choose the sim card on which you want to hide the call.

  • Look for a tab " Plus " or " additional services" , or " additional options« 
  • In these additional options, you should have a tab " caller number" , or " Caller ID“, Something referring to your personal number, open this option.
  • From there you can hide number. This will block your number for all calls made from this SIM card.

Here are the different methods to hide your number during your calls. However, this is not the best technique to actually hide your number. Indeed, there are always functions or applications to find the number.

Read this article to learn more about handling:


So be very careful when calling from your personal phone. There is always a way to find out your number.

The best technique for actually making an anonymous call is not hiding your number, but to get another phone number which has no connection with you. So, when you call someone, they will have your number, but they will not know who it is because this number has just been created.

Here's how.

How to get a new temporary phone number to hide your identity

There are applications that allow you to get a new phone number which will be created for the occasion. Thus, it will not be possible to trace it back to you.

For that, it is enough to download the following application by clicking on the image:

This application will allow you to get a new number, in order to preserve your personal one. Install the application once downloaded, and follow the user guide.

Here are some tips to keep your anonymity when making calls. If you're curious about hiding other personal information, here's how to go further: