huawei band bluetooth problem

The Huawei brand, which became the leader in the mobile telephony market in June 2020, ahead of Apple and Samsung, continues to develop and diversify.

Offering since 2015 good quality connected bracelets, at reduced prices, the will of the Chinese firm is to assert itself on all fronts, in the field of technology.

You have a connected bracelet, and you have problems with Bluetooth. The goal of this article is to help you resolve these issues, so that you can connect and sync your data with your phone or computer.

In this article we will bring you different solutions for your Bluetooth problems on your Huawei Band bracelet.

If you are using an Android smartphone for synchronize your data, then check out this important article because the problems can come from there:


What to do when Bluetooth does not work on your Huawei Band bracelet

Here are the different manipulations to be implemented in order to correct this Bluetooth problem on your Huawei bracelet.

In order to solve this, we will assume that the source of the problem can be varied. We will list the different solutions step by step, in order to cover as many problems as possible.

The recommendations below therefore also include manipulations on your smartphone / PC.

Tips for a Bluetooth connection between a Huawei Band bracelet and your smartphone or tablet

Is the battery of your Huawei Band sufficient?

When you are in low battery on your Huawei Band, each feature can work in power saving mode. This sometimes means that for example the Bluetooth connection is weaker. This particularly applies to GPS. If, however, you have problems with your GPS also, see this article:


To remedy this, connect your Huawei device to its charger, and patent at least 30 minutes.

When you try to log on your devices in Bluetooth, disconnect the cable. It is important that this be done, otherwise you will not will not be able to use Bluetooth.

Cut and restart the connections of your devices

when connectivity problem occurs between two devices, the first thing to do is to restart them. If you have already done so, go on.

Deactivate and reactivate Bluetooth on your phone / computer

Restart Bluetooth on your devices. This will restart the connection between your devices, and therefore your Huawei Band bracelet.

Restart all your devices to fix bluetooth issues

Similar to airplane mode, turn off your phone or computer, then restart them.

Updating the Huawei Health app

To ensure a good functionality tools your Huawei Band bracelet, it is important to keep up to date. Each update brings fixes, and increased stability.

Mso you update the Huawei Health app. If you are using a smartphone Android, here's some help:


If so far it has not yet worked, there is still a method that is often effective.

Forget the Bluetooth connection in order to synchronize your Huawei Band again

When you have put your devices in good connection conditions, you will try pairing again. For that, it will then be necessary " forget " the devices in bluetooth connections. This will allow reset connection between the two devices.

To renew it, remove your Huawei Band from the paired devices in your phone :

  • Go to settings from your phone
  • Open the Bluetooth
  • From there, navigate to devices Related, or matched
  • Select your hua braceletwei
  • Press forget, or dissociate

From there you have to again pair the two devices, like you did the first time.

There is a good chance that this will solve your problem, and allow you to use the Bluetooth to link your peripherals.

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If despite all these manipulations, nothing helps, the Bluetooth still does not work, maybe your watch is defective. So you can consider a return under warranty or after sales service.

You can contact the customer service at this address:

Huawei Customer Service