bluetooth problem polar watch

You just received a new polar watch and you have little problems with the Bluetooth. Or you have been using this device for a few years, and the Bluetooth no longer works like before.

This is very problematic because it allows make the link between your phone / computer, and your Polar device. And this allows you to synchronize the recorded data on the application.

If you do not have Bluetooth, then it is impossible to consult your personal data. It is therefore an essential element for your peripherals. It is important to find a solution to fix it.

In this article we will bring you different solutions for your Bluetooth problems on Polar watch.

If you are using an Android smartphone to sync your data then check out this important article as the problems can come from there:


Solution for a Bluetooth not working on your Polar watch

Here are the various steps to take to correct this Bluetooth problem on your Polar watch. When it does not work, we assume that the problem could be with your Polar watch, but also with your phone or your computer.

The recommendations below therefore also include manipulations on your smartphone / PC.

Cut and restart the connections of your devices

Probably the easiest and most standard solution to set up as a first step, you can try turning off your devices, and their Bluetooth connection.

Deactivate and reactivate Bluetooth on your phone / computer

Restart Bluetooth on your devices. This will restart the connection between your devices and your Polar watch.

Putting airplane mode on your Polar

There is an airplane mode on your Polar device, which cuts off all connection. This allows you, when you restart normal mode, to reset the Bluetooth connection.

To turn on airplane mode on your Polar, follow this manipulation :

  • Scroll through your menus so that the settings of your watch
  • You will see the airplane logo appear, for airplane mode
  • Keep it pressed, longer or shorter depending on the Polar model that you own

Then restart your watch by the reverse procedure

Restart all your devices to fix bluetooth issues

In the same idea as airplane mode, turn off your phone or computer, then restart it.

Tips for a Bluetooth connection between your Polar and your computer / phone

Make sure you have enough Battery on your Polar device

When you are in low battery on your Polar device, each feature can work in power saving mode. This sometimes means that for example Bluetooth is less efficient. This applies in particular to GPS. However, if you had problems with your GPS as well, check out this article:


To remedy this, charge your Polar watch, but remember to disconnect it from the cable when trying to connect via Bluetooth.

Update your apps and Polar device

To ensure a good functionality engines of the polar tool, it is important to keep up to date. Each update brings fixes, and increased stability.

To do this, you simply have to update the software from your phone, or your PC, with the tool FlowSync de Polar.

Disconnect any USB cable from your Polar

It is not possible to connect your Polar by cable and Bluetooth at the same time. If you choose Bluetooth, make sure the USB cable is not plugged in.

Alternatives to Bluetooth on your Polar watch

Bluetooth is a very convenient way to connect your watch to your phone or computer. But that's not the only way to go. So, if you want to work around the problem, know that it is possible to do the exact same thing via the Wi-Fi, or by a USB cable.

This will not fix the Bluetooth problem, but at least in the short term you can continue to synchronize your data for save to your PC or computer.

If despite all these manipulations, nothing helps, the Bluetooth still does not work, maybe your watch is defective. So you can consider a return under warranty or after sales service.

You can contact the customer service at this address:

Polar Customer Service