In recent years, the online casino sector has experienced unparalleled success. New platforms are arriving on the market with more exciting toy libraries and more attractive offers. While it is easy to connect and play online, it is clear that not all platforms are reliable. With the rise of cybercrime, some online casinos are being used to scam players. To avoid this trap, it is necessary to ensure that the site on which you want to play is secure. Discover here the best practices to check the reliability of an online casino. 

Look for reviews of online casino comparators 

There are sites online that offer reviews of the best gambling platforms available. These comparators are managed by casino experts who test a multitude of platforms and make a selection. As you can see on this site, they offer rankings of the best online casinos. This allows the player to check if the casino on which he is about to play is reliable. 

Indeed, it is very rare to see a reliable casino being absent from the rankings of online casino comparators. The best casinos always have a good reputation. In order not to tarnish their own reputation, comparators only present reliable gaming platforms. You must therefore be careful with online casinos that are not mentioned on any comparator. 

Fortunately, it will now be easier for you to find a reliable online casino. Online casino comparators give all the information about each platform and their expert opinion. You can then browse them and discover information such as the bonuses offered or the number of games available. 

Check online casino licenses 

One of the first things to do to check the reliability of an online casino is to check its licenses. 

The operating license

Many states have strict legislation in place to regulate the gambling industry. Casinos wishing to operate in a territory must receive authorization from the recognized gaming authority. The role of this police is to ensure the reliability of casinos and to issue them an operating license. 

In France, no casino has the right to practice if it has not previously received the license issued by the National Gaming Authority (ANJ). However, some sites manage to circumvent the system to offer their service illegally. The risk for the player is that the activity of these sites is not controlled by the reference police on the legality of online casinos. To help players avoid this trap, the ANJ frequently publishes the list of legal online casinos. Before playing at a casino, it is therefore advisable to check that it is registered on the ANJ site. 

Other casino licenses

Apart from the operating license, casinos may have other gaming licenses depending on the country in which they are established. Among the most famous licenses are:

  • Malta gaming authority: only casinos that have previously demonstrated the reliability of their software can obtain this license. 
  • Gibraltar gaming: The licensing authority imposes a large number of conditions on game providers. Only those who are financially stable and able to detail their turnover can claim it. 
  • Curaçao: Gambling platforms that have this license are considered the most reliable. To obtain it, you have to go through various stages. The Curaçao Internet Gaming Association imposes a thorough investigation on the provider of games that claim it. 

To check the licenses of the online casino you are interested in, check the logos on its homepage. You can also check them in the "legal notices" tab of the casino. 

Also take the time to carefully read the terms and conditions and the security and confidentiality policies of the site. If the casino is reliable, this information will be clear and readable. Otherwise, you are probably in front of a scam. 

Check the level of security offered by the site 

Another important parameter to take into account is the level of security offered by the site. A reliable casino must be able to protect your personal data as well as your money. Digital platforms that use banking transactions are supposed to have means to guarantee the security of user data. 

Secure casinos therefore use data encryption software and algorithms that ensure fair gaming. Check that the online casino uses secure banking methods such as SSL encryption technology. Next, make sure it uses RNG random number generators. The presence of these is a guarantee that the games are fair. 

Check the payment methods offered and the reputation of game publishers

It is also essential to check the payment solutions offered by the casino on which you want to play. Whether it is the means provided for withdrawal or those provided for deposits, they must be easily accessible and secure. Reliable and secure online casinos generally offer known payment methods such as: VISA, Bank transfer, Mastercard, PayPal. 

Moreover, reliable online casinos always offer a fast process for withdrawing your winnings. Ideally, the withdrawal time should not exceed 48 hours. It can still happen that this delay goes up to 5 working days. Beyond that, you may be at an unreliable casino. 

Finally, you can also check the reputation of the online casino's partner game publishers. Indeed, reliable platforms work in partnership with very reputable publishers. As you probably know, the games of an online casino are not developed by the owner of the platform. These games belong to companies in the gaming industry. 

It is therefore recommended to favor platforms that are in partnership with competent and reputable publishers. This is a great guarantee of reliability for casinos. Indeed, these gaming companies do not want to get involved in scandals. They therefore only partner with the most serious online casinos.