Author: paul.C

How to reset your Polar watch?

You have had a Polar watch for a long time but it no longer works properly, so you want to reset it. Where quite simply you want to erase data and start from scratch, also thanks to the ...

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How to change password on Android

Passwords have been a long-standing and still very fashionable security tool. However, they are sometimes hard to remember, and with the multitude of accounts that we have today, we do ...

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How to set a reminder on Android

Phones have now become our real daily assistants, whether in professional or personal life. A true technological treasure, this one allows us to perform a multitude of tasks, and ...

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How to change the theme on Android

We talk about it very often, and this is one of the main advantages of Android, you have the possibility to personalize your smartphone in so many ways. In theory, it would be possible to find a ...

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