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You can't seem to launch the Android Auto application recently, and you don't know why.

You think you've done everything correctly, but despite everything, you can't launch the app on your smartphone, or you can't launch the app on your dashboard.

There can be many reasons why prevent Android Auto from launching properly and running. The objective is to analyze them, and provide you with answers in order to solve them.

Here is an article relating any issues preventing your application from launching.

Why Android Auto Won't Launch

Here are the different problem resolutions when your dashboard app does not launch. We try to address as many situations as possible in order to help you specifically.

Correctly connect Android Auto to its dashboard

First of all, we will first check that Android Auto has been correctly configured to launch on your dashboard.

For this, follow scrupulously this guide to make sure you have correctly connected your phone to your vehicle:

How to connect Android Auto to my vehicle

If this is already done correctly on your smartphone, then go on.

Bluetooth problems when connecting to your vehicle

It is possible that this is the bluetooth connection having problems. So you can't launch Android Auto on your dashboard screen. For all Bluetooth issues, see this specific article:

Bluetooth issues on Android

Make sure your app is up to date

Your application may not launch because it is not up to date. To update it, simply go to the Play-store, my applications tab. You can also directly type Android Auto in the search bar.

Go to the Play-store

To learn more about app update issues, see this article:


Very slow or impossible launch issue: Android Auto app cache

Le application cache is the memory space allocated to it in order to store temporary information related to the launch of this one.

For example, when you connect Android Auto via Bluetooth on your dashboard, your smartphone will consult the cache in order to access already saved launch information of connections that have already been made.

You have problems when launching the application, without really knowing why Android Auto does not launch correctlyThe startup is slow, and you have trouble starting it, or it won't start at all.

In this case, here is what we recommend as a solution :

  • Turn off and restart your phone
  • Clear the app cache: If you don't know how, follow these tips to help you
    • Go to Parameters from your phone
    • Look for the tab Applications
    • Open the application Android Auto
    • Click on the tab Warehousing
    • From there you can clear the application cache

Make sure the applications used are up to date

When Android Auto Won't Launch, it may also be possible that the problems come from the applications used that come into conflict. Make sure these are up to date, and functional.

To update the different applications, go to simply in the play-store, and type the name of the application in the search bar for the update.

Here is a set of solutions to Android Auto that does not launch or badly, if you want to go further in solving problems related to this application, go to this article:

Different Android Auto Problems