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Android Auto, famous application of screen projection on dashboard, is widely used today. It allows you in a few seconds to connect your Android smartphone to your dashboard to be able to enjoy GPS, music, in your car.

However, it may happen that this tool does not work properly. Indeed, you notice that Android Auto regularly disconnects from your dashboard, which is very restrictive. It may even become dangerous if it disturbs you while driving.

The objective of this article is to find solutions to help you fix Android Auto disconnection issues.

Here is what to do when Android Auto disconnects from your vehicle.

Different disconnection issues on Android Auto

Here is a list of problems with disconnecting your Android Auto app. We explain to you what to do when Android Auto disconnects.

Disconnection when the battery is charged to 100%

There is a bug on some versions of Android Auto that automatically disconnect the application when your phone reaches 100% charge. This is not a problem if you are connected via Bluetooth because your phone is not charging, but when you connect your smartphone by cable, then it will necessarily reach 100%.

The only solution for you is toe update your application to add the fixes. For that, go to the Play-store, tab my applications.

If you do not cannot update Android Auto, it means that your smartphone has an old top Android version. So first update Android to a version that can then accommodate new versions of Android Auto. here are some links to help you if it is difficult to update Android Auto.

Android Auto disconnects: check the status of the USB cable

It is quite possible that the USB cable you are using makes a bad contact and disconnects Android Auto. Even if it appears to be functional, it can still show malfunctions. Do it test with another cable to make sure that the disconnection does not come from there.

It is also possible for some unknown reason that some cables work better than others, for no apparent reason. Try multiple cables if you have it available in order to use the most stable.

Application overlay permission

By default many apps do not have permission to overlay. This is to prevent several incompatible applications are launched at the same time and create a dysfunction from your phone.

However, in the case of Android Auto, this option must be enabled, otherwise it would not work properly and could be disconnect.

To make sure, here's how:

  • Go to settings from your phone
  • Type " application overlay »In the search bar at the top of the screen
  • Search Android Auto, and as in the picture below, make sure that the overlay is enabled
android auto app overlay

Make sure Android Auto disconnection does not come from your vehicle

Have you checked beforehand that your car is compatible with Android Auto ? here is list of cars supporting AA on its dashboard:

Vehicles and radios compatible with Android Auto

If the car is in the list, make sure that the parameters are correctly set. On the menu of your on-board screen, you should have a device connection option.

Check if this is activated, and that everything is correctly configured on your vehicle.

Android Auto disconnects via Bluetooth

If you connect your phone by bluetooth, make sure that the connection is stable. To do this, reset it by forgetting the connection with your car.

Simply click on the Bluetooth connection connecting your phone to your car, then to forget. Then redo a network discovery in order to reconfigure the connection between the two.

Also make sure that no other Bluetooth device in your vehicle is disturbing.

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Recurring disconnection issue: Consider another screen sharing tool

If you disconnection problem still persists despite everything you have implemented so far, it is also possible that it is simply the application that is not stable.

The last solution we can offer you is consider another screen sharing app on your dashboard. This one is called MirrorLink, if you want to know more, here is a link to their website.

MirrorLink: alternative to Android Auto