You recently purchased a new VPN in order to browse the web but this one presents some problems. You don't know where it comes from but it disrupts your internet browsing.

The objective of this article is to see all the problems that can be encountered with a VPN on smartphone Android, as well as all solutions to solve these problems.

If you are still at installation and you have doubts whether you have everything correctly done, we invite you to read our article on this subject, which will certainly help you:

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VPN connection problem on my Android smartphone

Here we will offer you different solutions to correct your problem. If your VPN is not working properly, it can come from different things, which we will analyze here.

Restart your phone, and the internet connection

First reflex to have when we have a problem on our smartphone is to restart your smartphone. This solves a large part of the small malfunctions that one can have.

At the same time, restart your internet connection. If you use a WiFi connection, forget the network and reconnect to this network.

With respect to the internet connection, make sure it is stable. If for example you are on a Wifi that does not work very well, or that you are far from the source, this will disturb the proper functioning of the VPN application.

  • Option # 1: You have a stable 4G network with a good network, and you do not move
  • Option # 2: You are connected to a WiFi terminal so the network is quite powerful

Make sure VPN access is allowed on your phone

Make sure VPN access is allowed on your phone

When you connect your VPN for the first time, the application used requests your access to the network in order to set up the VPN settings. If you mistakenly checked no, it is therefore not possible to connect with your VPN and you will see a connection problem. If you have any doubts about this option, uninstall and then reinstall the application VPN so that you can access this option again during installation.

Clear the cache and clean up the VPN app data

If all the manipulations above have not changed anything, try to clear your application cache VPN.

If you're wondering what it is, the application cache is the memory space allocated to it in order to store temporary information that is easy to access in order to speed up their search when the user needs it.

In other words, when you connect to your VPN, your smartphone will consult the cache in order to access information already saved and so facilitate the process on this new connection. In a way, your device consults an operation that it has already performed, in order to perform it again, but faster. It is a memory of the procedure.

The problem occurs if, for some reason, the operation was initially wrong, your phone has remembered this mishandling, which he repeats. This is potentially what's going on here with your VPN app.

When you clear the cacheYou reset the operation, allowing to reset process and any potential course errors.

To clear your application cache VPN, follow this little procedure:

  • Go to Settings from your Android smartphone
  • Open the tab Applications
  • Find your application VPN, then open the
  • Open the menu Storage
  • Press on " empty the cache« 

Retest your VPN connection to see if the situation has changed and that you have solved your problems.

Reset your smartphone's network settings Reset your smartphone's network settings Reset your smartphone's network settings


When you have a network problem of any kind on your phone, including a VPN connection problem, it is strongly recommended to reset the network settings.
This will allow relaunch all connections and to start on a healthier basis.

To do this, simply follow the following procedure:

  • Go to Settings from your Android smartphone
  • Look for the tab Backup and Reset
  • Then open the tab Reset network settings
  • Press Reset settings
Reset your smartphone's network settings
Android network settings

Once this has been done, restart your phone to make sure that all the settings have been taken into account, then retry the VPN connection.

If it still doesn't work, then maybe it comes from the VPN itself, or from compatibility with your Android smartphone. In this case, it is recommended to move to another VPN if you still want to use one.

Choose another VPN for your Android smartphone

If nothing helps, maybe the problem comes from elsewhere. Keep in mind that free VPN probably won't provide not the best service even if it seems more attractive, it can possibly come from there. Ask yourself why you use it, sometimes you have to know how to budget when we really need certain things.

Be careful however, the reverse is not necessarily true, namely if you pay you will not necessarily have quality service ! So it's up to you to take the time to carefully choose which VPN you're going to use, there are a lot of comparative on the internet so take the time to choose between Free VPN and paid VPN. Knowing that some offer free trials, so take advantage!

here are some market players VPN to help you choose another VPN for your Android smartphone:

Free VPNPaid VPN
FinchVPNExpress VPN
Proton VPNNorth VPN